Token, token price and presale

The FTM FANTOM token is an ERC-20 utility token until the own MainNet starts. After that the token will be converted and accordingly independent of the Ethereum network. The ICO price was set at $0.04 per FTM. In the private sale there was a 30% bonus. There will be a 15% bonus for pre-sale. The pre-sale is expected to start on 01.06.2018 (update: no presale) and the ICO on 15.06.2018.

Token distribution and market cap

There will be a total of 3.55 billion tokens. 40% goes to investors. The hardcap amounts to USD 39.9 million, which is just within the green range. If market entry at ICO price, however, market capitalization would already exceed $140 million, making high growth more difficult. There are already similar blockchain projects in the billion euro range and there is therefore still some room for improvement for FANTOM, but the probability is not as high.

It is already known that if not all FANTOM tokens are sold during the ICO, the rest will be destroyed. That gives us a plus point. Because on the one hand this could correct the market capitalization downwards and on the other hand they would not be abused by team members.

There is also a lockout period for the team as well as for investors in presale and private sale. The bonus tokens are blocked for at least 3 months. For the team even 24 months. It is therefore unlikely that the token price will slip below the ICO price immediately after the stock exchange listing.

Speaking of stock exchanges: Unfortunately, there is still no information on when a stock exchange listing is planned.

The overall rating for the FANTOM ICO Token Metrics is currently 3.2/5 points.

FANTOMProject Details
FANTOM wants to solve the current problems associated with the blockchain:

Scaling to make blockchain technology mainstream-ready.
Reduce transaction costs to nearly 0.
Immediate validation of current and detailed tracking of past transactions.
FANTOM joins the ranks of all Blockchain-Layer-1 projects. So projects that create a blockchain infrastructure, like the „giants“ Ethereum, Bitcoin, IOTA, EOS, NEO etc. or new high-flyers like R-Chain or Zilliqa.

Instead of a typical blockchain, FANTOM chooses the data structure „Directed Acyclic Graph“ (DAG). The same method is already used by IOTA under the name „Tangle“. In contrast to IOTA, however, Smart Contracts should already be possible when the Mainnet is launched. IOTA would like to implement this also in the future, when it should happen, but it is still in the stars.

The advantages of the DAG approach became already clear at IOTA: As good as 0 transaction costs and a theoretically infinite scalability. FANTOM also offers the additional advantage of Smart Contracts. This opens up many other areas of application in addition to its function as a means of payment. More on this in the section „Market and Competition)