The Core Team for Crypto

The Core Team of FANTOM consists of 11 people. In addition, another 16 people are involved in project development. A total of 8 consultants are at the team’s side.
Unfortunately, it is not so easy to evaluate an Asian team, as the professional background is also mostly in Asia and it is therefore difficult to verify the professional experience. Nevertheless, we were able to find out a lot about the team members.

Bitcoin Profit professional experience

Dr. Ahn Byung Ik (안병익) (Founder and CEO of FANTOM) holds a PhD in Computer Science from Yonsei University and is President of the South Korean Food-Tech Association. Particularly noteworthy is the recommendation portal for restaurants „Siksin“ founded by Dr. Ahn in 2010, which according to Crunchbase 2017 received an investment of USD 9 million and whose app has over 1 million downloads in the Google Playstore. Dr. Ahn has already gained experience Bitcoin Profit as a successful entrepreneur and has contacts to the food tech industry, for which the benefit of blockchain technology is particularly high (keyword: supply chain management).

FANTOM Bob Tucker’s COO has worked for many well-known senior management companies such as KPMG, Barclays Capital, Man Group or one of Australia’s largest banks (ANZ-Bank). A background in the cryptoscene could be proven since 2017. As COO he is employed at Digital Currency Holdings.

The remaining team members have a rather insignificant professional background in our view.

One drawback is that there is no CTO with experience from the blockchain scene. We have contradictory information on the Head DAG Architect „Lee Chung Hee“. Because the name „Bob C. Lee“ is listed in the linked-in profile. We also found 2 different Linked-In profiles for Bob C. Lee. Bob’s in the more active. C. Lee only works as an advisor from March to May. We’ll check here to see if we can get answers.

While the Bitcoin Code team

We awarded the FANTOM team 3.5 / 5 points. We found the expertise of the CEO and COO to be good. The technical part draws the Bitcoin Code rating down a bit . If the topic is clarified around the „Head DAG Architect“, then our rating rises by half a point.

Fantom Advisor
While the Fantom team has less blockchain experience, at least in the consulting team there are some advisors who have worked as advisors for other successful blockchain projects. For example, Eddy Travia’s Coincilium company acted as advisor on the ICON billion-euro project. Most of the members of the Advisory Board are in some way connected with the Digital Currency Holding in which COO Bob Tucker also works, e.g. Michael Kong, CTO of DCH or Steve Belotti, CEO of DCH.

The Fantom Consulting team receives 4/5 points from us because it is a solid advisory board, with consultants from various areas with a good blockchain background. One point was deducted because there is no particularly prominent advisor to be found here.

Fantom wants to collect almost USD 40 million in his ICO. However, if you look at the hype statistics, this goal proves to be difficult. No real hype has yet developed around this project. Neither Twitter nor Telegram can count an above average number of followers / members.

Also the Alexa-Traffic-Rank, which tracks the number of visitors of the website, gives only a mediocre result. However, the graph shows a clear increase in the last weeks.