Game manufacturer Atari: Crypto Casino and the Atari Token

Crypto Casino | The company behind iconic video games like Pac-Man and Pong is planning its own crypto currency called the „Atari Token“, as was announced last week.

Partnership with Atari and Ethereum code

As part of this effort, Atari acquired a 15% stake in a Gibraltar-based company, Infinity Networks, Ltd, and has licensed its brand to onlinebetrug. The partnership, already hinted at in a December statement, will drive the development of a digital entertainment platform underpinned by the Atari token. The games manufacturer noted that its investment was made „without cash payout by Atari“.

„Our goal is to take strategic positions with limited liquidity risk in order to get the best value from the assets and the Atari brand,“ said Atari Chairman and CEO Frederic Chesnais in a statement.

The choice of name is no coincidence, as Atari had previously created an Atari token to serve as the currency for in-game purchases. Whether the newly announced Atari token will remain true to this purpose remains to be seen.

New Online Crypto Casino

In addition, Atari said it plans to integrate crypto currencies through its brand partnership with Pariplay, Ltd., which offers online games that use Atari games and characters as part of their design. Last week’s statement also points to the creation of a second token that would be used in conjunction with the online casino.

„To enhance the appeal of these new casinos, Atari is planning to release a Pong Token, a second token for Crypto Casinos, which can be used on these gaming sites. The details of this introduction of crypto-casinos will be announced soon, „it says in the (freely translated) statement.

As expected, the announcement has led to a comparison with Kodak, the former photo giant that licensed its brand to create a KodakCoin. The project was announced in January, with the intention of launching an ICO at the end of the month. This symbolic sale was later delayed, and since then no publication date has been mentioned.