With every passing day, cryptomonies are gaining more and more acceptance worldwide. As more companies, organizations and governments begin to take advantage of the benefits offered by virtual currencies. Allowing men and women around the globe to use cryptoactives as a means of payment. So it should come as no surprise that the Bulgarian company, Colibra, is compensating passengers for delayed flights with Bitcoin.

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The acceptance of cryptomonies
The issue of massification in the use of cryptomontages has always been one of the most important issues for the future of Blockchain technology. Well, if Bitcoin and other cryptoactives are intended to represent a viable alternative to Fiat money worldwide. They must be widely accepted as means of payment for the purchase and sale of goods and services.

Unfortunately, the adoption of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies as means of payment has been very limited so far. With most governments in the world refusing to accept BTC as a legal currency in their countries. With technical problems, such as the scalability challenges in the Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchains. Preventing further use of cryptoactives in people’s daily lives.

Colibra compensates with Bitcoin to passengers of delayed flights

Colibra compensates delayed passengers with Bitcoin
However, this is slowly changing. As more and more companies and individuals begin to notice the advantages that cryptomontages like Bitcoin offer them. Allowing those who prefer, to purchase different goods or receive payments using cryptomonies instead of Fiat money.

This would be the case of Colibra App, a Bulgarian startup that is taking advantage of the problems generated in air travel by the pandemic to increase the adoption of Bitcoin. Providing compensation at BTC to those passengers whose flights have been delayed by one hour or more in Bulgaria.

Although Colibra has been offering this service since mid-2019, until now compensation could only be received in Fiat money. While from now on, customers of the application will be able to decide if they prefer to receive it at Bitcoin.

Thanks to this, the inhabitants of Bulgaria who see their flight delayed would not only receive monetary compensation for their time. In addition, they could take advantage of the changes in Bitcoin’s price to make a profit. So, the compensation they receive today thanks to Colibra, will probably be worth more next week thanks to the increase in the price of BTC.

In this way, Colibra would be collaborating with the process of massification of cryptomonies. Encouraging its users to use Bitcoin in their transactions, and thus boosting the adoption of Bitcoin Era in Bulgaria. Charting a path that will probably be followed by other companies around the world. Which makes this our Tip of the Day here at CryptoTrend.